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Lisa Rooney  Founder/President

Age: 44


I have been doing animal rescue for over 21 years. I love animals and cannot see them suffer. I try very hard to make a difference in their lives.

My most memorable rescue was in 1995 when we rescued a mother dog and her litter of 6 puppies from under the South Beach board walk on Christmas day.

Personal Quote: Rescue one until there is none.

I was a board of director and president with another animal group on SI; Resigning after 21 years. I found PLUTO in March of 2001. I have been rescuing animals since 1980.



M. E. Andersen  Treasurer

Age: 63


I have attended nearly all of PLUTO's events including Petco weekend Adoptions, mailing of our newsletters, fundraising events, and more.

My most memorable rescue was when we saved a cat that was living under a car. He was eating out of a dumpster and being pummeled with rocks by neighborhood kids.

Personal Quote: Neuter/Spay- Don't let them stray.

Because of my love for all animals, I will always remain dedicated to animal rescue.


Patricia Ryan  Secretary


I was getting gas for my car at a gas station and I turned around and seen a little white poodle looking dog running towards Victory Blvd. I went next to him, he seen me and turned around and came right to me.
He is now my dog "Petey" he is a very sweet good boy. That was my best rescue and one of the best dogs I have.

Personal Quote: "A Stray animal is the best Pet anyone could ask for"

"We're not asking you to save every animal that comes here. Just one."


Jessica Ryan  Jr. Secretary

Age: 17


I maintain PLUTO's website on petfinder and attend all events with PLUTO rescue.

My most memorable rescue was one day in early spring of 2000...

There were four abandoned Beagle puppies left behind a ten foot fence. They were all crying and waiting for something to help them. We got them out and brought them to the Vet. They had so many fleas and ticks. We got all the ticks off of them and they were checked out. We later found them homes. They are now doing fine.

Personal Quote: "The more we give, the more that live.



Erna Vetro  Volunteer

I have been a volunteer of PLUTO Rescue since May 2001, but I have worked with Lisa in the past.

I attend many events with pluto including their fundrasiers, and newsletter mailings.

My most memorable rescue wasn't with PLUTO but I would still like to share it...

I found a beautiful sheltie years ago in a snowstorm. Nobody claimed her so I took her in. I had her spayed and later found a nice home for her.

Personal Quote

"Adopted dogs make the best pets."

I currently have 2 adopted dogs, and all my past dogs were also adopted. All of them were wonderful pets.


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